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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an ideal solution, for the right person. The goal in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to discharge all debts and keep all of the property you wish to keep.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is also known as a “Reorganization” and gives a person the opportunity to repay his or her debts manageably over time.

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Bankruptcy Lawyers Florence Kentucky

The Law Firm of Freire & Gonzalez, P.A., was established in 1998 by Edward Freire and Laila S. Gonzalez, two attorneys, dedicated to representing individuals that need professional help with financial issues. The Firm serves clients in Hialeah, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Naples in Florida and Cincinnati Ohio and Northern Kentucky.  The attorneys and legal assistants in our office will help you in Spanish or English, whichever you prefer.

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Edward Freire

Edward Freire

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Laila S. Gonzalez

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With no doubts I can say one of the best decisions I’ve made was to trust my bankruptcy process to Freire. After a thorough research I decided to go with them and again, best decision I ever made. I felt supported, guided and I can’t be more grateful for all their help. They really went the extra mile for me. I recommend them 1000%

Yanet L


"I highly recommend! Attorney Freire is very professional and Knowledgeable! and gave me honest advice and and all my question was answered with a free consultation. I have been to different bankruptcy layer in Miami, but Freire is one of a Kind! Thank you so much For your help!!! God Bless!"

Iraciaria A


"I really appreciate this team for the great work they did, and their professionalism through the whole process, through a tough time in my life. Any questions I had was answered in a timely fashion. They made this process much simpler than I anticipated! Thank you guys! Highly recommend"

Pastor Larry


"Having worked at plenty of law firms in my life, I know exactly what to look for when hiring an attorney. Mr. Freire has all the qualities you want for an attorney. Smart and honest, Mr. Freire gave me a free consultation of over 25 minutes and was extremely helpful. In the end I decided bankruptcy was not the right option for me but Mr. Freire was honest and did not try to sell me. I never felt like I was just a number in this law firm, something that is really important for me. Here they actually care about you as their client. I definitely recommend Mr. Freire. If I ever need legal advice again that’s who I’m calling. 10 out of 10"

J Lopez

Bankruptcy Blog

How to Protect Your Assets and Exemptions in Bankruptcy

How to Protect Your Assets and Exemptions in Bankruptcy

Embarking on the path of bankruptcy demands a keen understanding of how to shield your assets and exemptions from potential jeopardy. This guide delves into strategic measures for safeguarding your financial holdings during these uncertain times. Whether you’re contemplating Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, it’s critical to understand how to protect your assets and exemptions in bankruptcy. From essential exemptions to adept strategies and potential missteps, we’ll explore different ways to fortify your financial stability throughout the bankruptcy journey.

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The Benefits of Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Florida

It can be hard to think on your feet when going through a rough financial patch. So, it’s more important than ever to calm down and think about solutions! One such solution is, of course, filing for bankruptcy. So, to help you do it right, let’s go over the benefits of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Florida.

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Petition to File for Bankruptcy

7 Top Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy can often feel like navigating a minefield filled with potential missteps. That’s why we’re here to help you understand the most common mistakes to avoid when filing for bankruptcy. Acquiring this knowledge beforehand can significantly lessen your troubles and uncertainties. 

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Petition to File for Bankruptcy

Small Business Bankruptcy: Options and Considerations for Owners

Being a small business owner isn’t easy. Many elements factor into running a successful operation between raising funds and managing staff. Unfortunately, even the most profitable companies can occasionally face hard times. In some cases, this can lead…

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Petition to File for Bankruptcy

Negative Effects of Bankruptcy on Your Credit Score and How to Fix Them

Filing for bankruptcy can be a tough decision to make. However, it may be the only option when you’re struggling to manage your debt. That said, while it may be the right choice for your financial situation, it’s essential to understand the negative effects of…

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Petition to File for Bankruptcy

Most Common Causes of Bankruptcy and How to Avoid Them

Most Common Causes of Bankruptcy and How to Avoid Them The bankruptcy stats in the U.S. are truly alarming. Thousands file for bankruptcy every day, hoping to get a fresh start. But serious debt isn’t merely a circumstance that occurs without a cause or a stand-alone…

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7 Tips for Life After Bankruptcy

What is bankruptcy? A legal procedure called bankruptcy determines your inability to pay your obligations. It is a significant decision to file for bankruptcy. In most cases, neither the choice nor the circumstances that lead to it are enjoyable. Whether it’s the…

How to Deal with the Emotional Stress of Bankruptcy

How to Deal with the Emotional Stress of Bankruptcy Filing for bankruptcy is not as easy as it may seem to some people. It means ending a chapter of your life for which you have worked for years or your entire life. Not to mention that bankruptcy is frequently a…


Common Reasons for Bankruptcy Denial and How to Avoid Them

Deciding to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be an excellent opportunity for a fresh financial start. The best part is that it’s a relatively stress-free experience for most people. Within a few weeks, you might be on the road to financial freedom if you get the…

6 Signs You Are Heading Toward Bankruptcy

When you file for bankruptcy, the court will issue you an order of relief. This is something that can help people who are in debt. However, nobody wants to be in this situation. Filing for bankruptcy is one of the most defeating things a person can go…

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The Law Firm of Freire & Gonzalez, P.A., was established in 1998 by two attorneys dedicated to representing people that need professional help with financial issues. The attorneys and legal assistants in our office will help you in Spanish or English, whichever you prefer, and with respect, because you deserve it.


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